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Maya Kobeissi, BSc 

Clinical Dietitian

Maya Kobeissi is a Canadian-certified registered specialist with over eleven years of experience as a clinical dietitian. She works closely with an American board-certified Obesity Medicine specialist to provide nutritional counseling for patients struggling with their weight. 

Maya’s Adult Weight Loss Program is customized for each patient. It provides in depth nutrition education, expert guidance, and close monitoring so that patients can implement and maintain healthy habits that are specific to their needs. 

In her Pediatric Weight Loss Program (Fit Kids Program) she aims to empower kids and parents with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to develop and maintain lifelong healthy habits. The program is infused with her love for children and her extensive experience in pediatric nutrition.

In her Weight Loss Surgery Program, she works closely with an Obesity Medicine specialist and bariatric surgeon to prepare patients for surgery and to guide them during the post-operative period with evidence-based recommendations that help to minimize complications and ensure long-term success.

Languages Spoken

Arabic, English & French


  • Bachelor in Science - Nutrition (BSc.), University of Montreal, Canada
  • Trained at the Saint-Justine Mother and Child University Hospital Center and at the Montreal Heart Institute

Professional Achievements

  • Member of the Professional Order of the Dietitians of Quebec in Canada and the Canadian Obesity Network.

  • Director of nutrition programs at Obesity Medicine Institute.
  • Served as the Director of Weight Loss Programs at Dr. Badsha’s Medical Center in Dubai 2012

  • Guest-expert in a weekly television show on MBC 3

  • Maya spoke as a nutrition expert at several national meetings,  industry-sponsored nutrition and health campaigns, on radio and television shows.

Outside Omnicare

Mrs Maya Kobeissi enjoys dancing, practising pilates and cooking.


Maya Kobeissi clinical dietitian



Specialty / Expertise

  • Child Nutrition
  • Sports Counseling
  • Obesity Management (Adults and Child)
  • Pregnancy and Lactation Counseling
  • Genetic weight disorders - Food Intolerance Test
  • Pre and post-operative care of the bariatric surgical patient.
  • Children and adults weight management, weight loss and weight gain
  • Eating Disorders
  • Gastric Problems (Reflux, Bloating)
  • High Cholesterol, Triglycerides , Heart Diseases prevention and hypertension.
  • Fasting diet / Ramadan Plan
  •  Malnutrition
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
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