Our Story

Driven by a passion to enhance the quality of life, at OmniCare Medical Centre in Dubai, we combine world-class expertise with advanced technology to offer unique healthcare experience.

Through our modern practices, we have set the standard for healthcare services. Hence, we deal with each and every patient with care, respect and compassion. We focus on what matters most – your health. Furthermore, our dedicated team, passionate doctors, and therapists are always happy to guide through the journey of your wellbeing. As we all share the same values – to make a difference in the community we are in and beyond.

At OmniCare Medical Centre in Dubai, we deliver a broad range of healthcare services to you and your loved ones. Whether its PsychiatryDermatologyAesthetics, Facial, laser or skin care, each specialist’s focus is not limited to just treatment. Because prevention is better than cure, we embrace health awareness, and aim for an educated healthy community.

As soon as you step into OmniCare Medical Centre, we assure you to enjoy a premier healthcare experience. No matter who you meet, every one is committed to present you supreme healthcare services. Above all, we treat each patient with care, compassion and respect.

We have earned the trust of more than 11,000 patients since we began operations in 2015. However, do not rest our laurels. We take them as an inspiration to push and innovate further, and to spread our reach without compromising on what sets us apart – our commitment and expertise.


Our Vision

To provide a unique healthcare experience that empowers communities to live better

Our Mission

To employ innovative healthcare practices to provide each and every patient with the Omni-care they need.

Our Values

Excellence & Compassion
Responsibility & Commitment
Integrity & Respect



Our Team

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