Contour and create volume, fill out lines and wrinkles and revitalize the skin.

Dermal Fillers is now available at Omnicare – Dubai.

We all want to feel good and look young, but as we age our skin loses its natural fat. As a result sagging, fine lines and wrinkles will start to appear. Your face will start losing volume, and if left untreated, will add years to your appearance. But don’t despair, you can still attain that timeless beauty without having to go under the knife with our Fillers.

What it does:

Fillers can reshape and contour your face, soften wrinkles and deep creases – giving you back your youthful glow. Not only can it virtually reverse aging but it will also allow you to improve and enhance your features. If you want plumper lips, then fillers are for you.

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