Facial. Tailoring each facial to your skin type. NEW addition: the unique HydraFacial technology.

Remember when facials were composed of having steam blown on your face, common face creams dabbed on, and extractions that pooled dread into the pits of your stomach? Well, those days are long behind us. Today, facials are a lot more complex with various new high-end potions, technologies, techniques that promise to cleanse, detoxify, exfoliate, extract, hydrate, and rejuvenate in one treatment. And HydraFacial does exactly that!

The official launch of our HydraFacial is a medical-grade facial rejuvenation that promotes the production of new multi-functional skincare experience via HydraFacial technology and another but similar HydraCool machine. It is used to thoroughly achieve looking refreshed and hydrated, on a cellular level. Estheticians say it's perfect for people with acne and great for anti-aging. It is known to help with fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, and hyper-pigmentation. We also offer led treatments, as well as different masks and peels.


Along with our HydraFacial treatment, we also offer HydraCool facial which, similar to HydraFacial, is also a multi-functional skincare experience but this one uses the ultra-hydrating power of water. It features a brief assessment by our facialist, thus beginning the treatment with a refreshing, no-mess, water and spray massage that is sure to leave your skin feeling hydrated. With a non-invasive ultrasound tip, our facialist will carry out a pain-free skin scrub, followed by a light-as-air masque.

The cutting-edge technology that sets this facial apart from others is the high-speed water jet and spray, which ensure that water and oxygen penetrate beyond the top layer of skin to properly revitalize its natural elasticity.

What HydraFacial does:

First of, it's a hydradermabrasion machine that uses a wand-like tool, which holds four different patented spiraled treatment tips — called HydroPeel tips — equipped with "vortex technology", the whirling force that both gives and takes away, and various skin care solutions (chemical exfoliants, antioxidants, and hydrating serums like hylaronic acid) that will provide the exact amount of product needed for your skin. With this, it vows to moisturize, brighten, plump, and protect. The spiral design of the tips used in synchronicity with the HydraFacial vacuum technology creates a vortex effect that easily dislodges and removes impurities while simultaneously introducing solutions that exfoliate, hydrate and infuse your skin with antioxidants.

Basically, the esthetician will be moving the VortexFusion tips over your face, where the machine will release nutrients at varying degrees of pressure into the skin and will simultaneously be extracting dead cells and toxins out.


Step 1

HydraFacials will start with a quick manual cleanse by the esthetician, followed by the VortexFusion treatment with Activ4. This will combine the exfoliating lactic acid and glucosamine HCI with anti-oxidant-rich algae, which softens and conditions the skin.

Step 2

To give the skin a deeper exfoliation, two different tips are available -- one more aggressive than the other — delivering one of three different levels of glycolic acid (7.5%, 15% or 30%) combined with 1.5% - 2% salicylic acid. The combination of physical exfoliation from the tip and chemical exfoliation from the  peels provides an honest result quickly, without the wait and tingling that you might experience with a traditional peel.

Step 3

This step utilizes a different tip and Beta-HD to soften sebum with salicylic acid and suck away blackheads and sebum in open pores. At an equivalent time, honey extract hydrates and spiraea ulmaria flower extract calms and soothes. If you have got a milia, which is an overgrown whitehead, HydraFacial can't get that out.

Step 4

Your cleansed, extracted, exfoliated skin is now ready for an infusion of antioxidants (horse chestnut seed and green tea extracts), peptides (copper, magnesium and zinc) and hyaluronic acid, which actually attracts water to the skin and helps keep it hydrated and plump. The proprietary mix known as Antiox conjointly has arnica flower extract to calm and soothe the skin, and red algae extract to brighten the skin.

At the beginning of the facial, you can avail a mechanical lymphatic drainage that moves lymph fluid out of your facial to reduce puffiness and helps speed toxins out of your system. During, you can even add a more powerful anti-aging peptide complex serum to help even out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhance your skin's elasticity. And at the end of it all, you can opt for an LED treatment.

Led Treatment

LED therapy is non-invasive and works on a cellular level to fight active acne and rosacea, and it will leave your skin feeling energized and youthful. The penetrative LED lights are designed to be soothing and will be able to target deep into the skin cells to heighten their internal functions, to photo-stimulate dermal blood flow, and induce faster healing, manage pain, treat rosacea, and reduce acne.

Blue is for destroying p-acne bacteria and minimize irritation and redness. Green is to regulate melanin production, reduce redness and pigmentation. Red is to increase collagen production, restore cell function that pushes forth anti-aging.

LED light therapy is the perfect way to end your HydraFacial to leave your skin radiant, energized, and thoroughly rejuvenated for days.

Masks & Peels

For skin in demand of a unique solution our clinical approach delivers original treatment solutions for irregular skin concerns. At Omnicare MC we bring you the latest and greatest skincare innovations from across the globe.

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What preparation is needed before the HydraFacial treatment?

There is no preparation needed specifically except for a simple assessment of your skin type that will be asked of you by your facialist to ensure that the products used will match the needs of your skin.

Depending on your treatment, a HydraFacial can last from 30 minutes, which includes just the basics, to an 80 minute version with all the Hydrafacial extras plus facial, hand and foot massage.

Which skin types are not safe for a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is renowned for being appropriate for all skin types — normal, oily, sensitive, aging. While it definitely shows how inclusive it can be, there are some who should abstain — namely those with active rashes, sunburns, or rosacea, along with pregnant patients, as some of the ingredients used during the HydraFacial, such as salicylic acid, haven't been tested and proven safe during pregnancy.

Book a Dermapen treatment consultation with our Specialist to achieve results that you wish with this non-surgical procedure.


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