Laser Hair Bleaching…Goodbye baby hair...

Laser Hair Bleaching Treatment Dubai

Fine hair on face, chest, back, belly, and other areas of the body feels and looks unpleasant. These fine (or baby) hairs can not be removed by the typical laser hair removal machines and thus we offer the solution of laser hair bleaching by Spectra, the latest technology of Q-switch Nd-Yag.

These hairs can be bleached and made nearly invisible for several weeks. This treatment can be done on its own or in conjunction with laser hair removal, without any risk of stimulating the hair growth.

The Machine

This laser can treat fine hairs that not targeted by other lasers. It targets the melanin in the hair shaft and bleaches it, thus making it invisible.

What Is The Treatment Like?

The treatment is not painful. Some patients say they feel a slight sting. However, some patients feel more comfortable with a local numbing agent, such as a topical anesthetic.



Step 1

The treatment area will be cleaned and make-up, lotion or any other cream will be removed.

Step 2

The areas of your choice will be treated, and you might experience a tingly sensation

Step 3

After procedure, avoid sun exposure and cosmetics for the 48hrs.

After 10-15 days the hair will fall out and then re-grow after 4-6 weeks in same texture and quality. But in many cases thin hair may not fall but it remains white. After several sessions, there is a possible hair reduction, but it’s not guaranteed.

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What body areas can be treated? 

All body areas can undergo the laser bleaching treatments safely and effectively except the eye area.

How many treatments do I need?

Laser hair bleaching can be done once every 4 – 6 weeks and when desired.

Is laser hair bleaching safe?

Yes, laser hair bleaching is very safe and there is no fear of permanent or major side effects. On the contrary, the traditional bleaching methods carry different harms and risks because they often contain harmful components.

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