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The skin is the body’s largest organ and protects our organs, muscles, bones, regulates our temperature and water intake; and exists as a barrier that defends our bodies from disease. Since the skin serves such a wide variety of functions and covers the entire expanse of our body, skin issues are often indicative of greater health issues.

Here, at Omnicare our Dermatologist Dubai specialize in both diagnostic and cosmetic dermatology. While diagnostic dermatology deals with identifying and curing skin disorders, cosmetic dermatology focuses on improving the appearance of your skin through aesthetic procedures. These treatments can help improve the appearance of skin that is afflicted by a variety of cosmetic issues.

Dermatology is an important medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions and diseases, making sure your skin, hair, and nails are in good health. Omnicare has access to the latest technology and the most up-to-date research, allowing us to offer you the very best in dermatological treatment.

Therefore, If you have any questions regarding the health of your skin, hair, or nails, or want to improve the aesthetic appearance of these areas, consult our specialist dermatologist.

Our Treatments:

  • Consultation for all skin diseases (acne, eczema, cysts, psoriasis, skin tags, moles, warts, allergies)
  • Hair Treatment
  • Elimination of wrinkles
  • Treatment to reduce sweating under arms (Hyperhidrosis )
  • Fillers Injections for deep lines, lips and under eyes to rejuvenate and eliminate wrinkles to look younger.
  • Mesotherapy and stem cells treatment for hair and face (anti-aging and brightening)
  • PRP Treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) for hair and skin
  • Skin Laser Resurfacing for acne scars, Rosacea and Pigmentation - Fraxel treatments
  • Screening and treatment for skin cancer
  • Derma Pen for acne scars, to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin
  • Facial peels
  • Facial treatments for cleansing, anti aging, hydrating and detox
  • CoolSculpting for body contouring; fat-freezing and non-invasive fat reduction procedure
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