Other Services: Laboratory, Vaccines, Immunizations, Ear Piercing and IV Vitamin


We provide a comprehensive range of tests necessary to diagnose and treat many medical problems.

Our Laboratory Services include:

  • Hematology
  • Chemistry
  • Hepatitis Markers
  • Urine
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Stool
  • Bacteriology
  • Culture and Sensitivity
  • Enzymes
  • Immunology
  • and other Special Tests

Immunization and Vaccines:

Comprehensive range of travel vaccinations, antimalarials, occupational health and corporate.

Whenever you venture out, you run the risk of contracting a disease. Public areas like malls, parks and transport stations are often packed with people, and chances are, one of them may be sick and could pass on that sickness to others. It could be as simple as a cold, or it could be more serious, like chicken pox which is highly contagious. Vaccines prevent the spread of infectious and oftentimes deadly diseases. Young children are inoculated against these diseases but there are vaccines that are available for adults, too.

Medical advancement in the years since its discovery added vaccines for more diseases. We now have wide-range of vaccines available in our clinic. Disease prevention is better than cure, visit our clinic or contact us to make an appointment.


High quality ear piercing with safe and sterile piercing procedures.

Ear piercing is a very common procedure done to the ears in order to wear jewelry. Children as young as a few days old are often brought in by their parents to undergo this procedure. Some adults have multiple piercings done over the years. But the procedure, although simple and relatively painless, carries a certain amount of risk when done improperly. An untrained person performing the procedure may accidentally hit a nerve, or pierce the wrong spot, causing needless pain. Unsanitized needles used in piercings can cause infection, and in worse cases, spread diseases like Hepatitis and HIV. This why it is very important that you engage the services of a trusted professional. Visit us today for a safe and painless ear piercing.

IV Vitamin:

Improve Your Health & Wellness.

Our bodies need regular doses of vitamins and minerals in order to maintain good health. The food we eat does not always provide us with adequate doses and we often have to rely on food supplements, often taking 3 or more tablets a day. Even with these, not everything gets absorbed by our bodies and some are expelled as waste.

With IV Therapy you are able to give your body the nutrition it needs. It’s fast and effective – the vitamins are introduced directly into the bloodstream so there’s no need to wait until the digestion process is complete. If you have a vitamin deficiency, or special dietary requirements, or even if you just want to improve your general health and wellbeing - why don’t you give our IV Vitamin a try? Our doctors will ensure that you get the right kind of nutrients in the right amount needed by your body. Visit our clinic now to find the best options available for a healthier you.

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